Design & More International (DMI); we don't create blue prints, we create lifestyles. We design a better today, plan a safer tomorrow, while keeping an eye on yesterday. We build the future.

Our design philosophy is to impact the lives of everyone around us; raising the standards of living and qualities of the community values.

We believe that Architecture connects people, place, and time. It is the platform to make a positive contribution towards enhancing the lives of others by improving the environment where they Live, Work and Play.

Throughout history, legacies arose. When they vanished, the Architecture remained to convey their untold story. We design the Architecture that will tell our history to future generations.

At DMI we don’t create imaginary spaces for the people. We understand their lives, behaviors, feelings and wishes then express it into a three dimensional environment for them.

We offer international experience with a local understanding of regional heritage and culture. This enables us to remain the forefront of innovative technologies that challenge the impossible while getting inspired by rich cultural heritage. Thus, we reach out to professionals around us promoting awareness to integrate and empower communities through design. We are entrusted to preserve the integrity of deep rooted cultures, yet foster new identities.