80,000 SQ.M.

Awards & Mentions
Residential Future Projects

– 2016 World Architecture Festival Winner

  • Mixed-use

Shifting continuity in time & space!

The aligned street-fronts, distinctive cream-grey “Paris stone” buildings and treelined boulevards within the City of Paris are a visual reflection of the sophisticated and formal Parisian society.

The classically elegant simple form structures that occupy the central district of Paris are punctuated by famous contemporary and heritage landmarks – The city of Art
The vertical urban plaza, La Cascade Trois Cent Soixante sits harmoniously within the central Paris district with its refined structure and transparent façade, a monument in itself characterized by its understated elegance

He who contemplates the depths of Paris is seized with vertigo. Nothing is more fantastic ………..

All that can be found anywhere can be found in Paris.

Victor Hugo1881

To watch the evening sky close slowly on

a last strand of daylight
fading quietly, like a sigh…